What is Glasgow 300?

Glasgow 300! That’s our Combined Pre-Purchase Building and Timber Pest Inspections! The 300 is the quantity of items our Registered Building Inspector and Timber Pest Inspector is taking into consideration when inspecting your new home or investment.

From the structure, frame, windows, insulation, roof covering, gutters, downpipes, external cladding, windows, margins, surface water drainage, visible asbestos containing materials, (ACM’s), mould, rot, decay, stumps, trees roots, rust, minor maintenance list, unlawful works, when building permits are required, certificates of compliance, Building Surveyors knowledge of legislation, processes, procedures and compliance, updated knowledge of legislation and requirements, and much more, including photos, referencing, support and advice.

Glasgow gives that personal touch by working for you, our client, meeting your needs and answering your questions. With over 20 years in building construction, all levels of public and private sectors and achieving the highest registration as Building Surveyor, Glasgow has your best interests at heart! That’s Glasgow! We work for you!

What are the New Build Staged Construction about?

Staged Inspections are Quality Assurance Home Inspections for the homeowner building a home. Pre-progress payment Inspections assures the homeowner that an independent Registered Building Inspector has assessed the workmanship of the building works, ensures compliance with the Building Regulations and the Building Code / Housing Provisions and the Contract and ensuring that the Builders are constructing your home in accordance with the Endorsed Plans.
This service offers ‘Peace of Mind’ to the homeowner prior to payment of the construction stages or any stage during the construction of your home.

Glasgow inspects paint finishes, tiling, wall and floor levels, damp proofing, brickwork, window installation, roof covering, external cladding, margins, finishes, compliance, to name only a few.
Glasgow also understands your Contract and requirements to give you more information about your new build.

These Inspections also ensure that a Registered Building Surveyor, is on your side to identify defects and if they are not rectified, or sadly, if legal action is required, Glasgow Building Inspections Reports are your evidence for rectification at VCAT.

Glasgow provides VCAT reporting when required to assist through litigation of non-compliance construction practices and breaches in terms of Contract.


What are the Stages of New Build Construction?

➢ Siting
➢ Founding/Strip Footings/Bored Piers
➢ Pre-Slab
➢ Steel reinforcement
➢ Frame. Timber or Steel
➢ Lock Up Stage
➢ Fixing Stage
➢ Handover/Practical Completion.
➢ Defects Liability Stage. Within 3 months of Certificate of Occupancy.
➢ Other inspections can be carried out upon request.


What are Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports?

Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports are exclusive to Glasgow and have been created for the Vendor when selling their home. We at Glasgow have thought of a way to reduce the stress to Vendors, Purchasers, Real Estate Agents and Conveyances by designing our Glasgow Vendor Pre-Sale Reports specifically for our clients.

Our reporting will give the Vendor opportunities to sell with confidence and obtain a higher yield for their home when selling. Our service ensures the Vendor has the correct information about their property.
Providing thorough inspection to ensure you, as the Vendor are prepared for what may arise moving forward. We then carry out a Final Inspection to finalize any works that the Vendor may have carried out to present their home for sale.

Additional services added for your Peace of Mind are our Basic Electrical Safety, Asbestos Identification, Owner Builder 137b Defects Reports and Swimming Pool and Spa Compliance.


What is included in the Basic Electrical Safety package?

➢ Assessment of the electrical meter box, including safety shut off switches and testing.
➢ Polarity test (checking all power outlets, both internal, external and in any structure), assessing for faults.
➢ Testing of appliances, including extractor fans, ceiling fans, split system, cooking facilities.
➢ Safety concerns. (Exposed wirings, unsafe power outlet locations, any visible dangers identified).
➢ EMF readings to assess Electromagnetic field test.
➢ Locating the MER (main earth rod).

This service is provided as a guidance on the condition at the time of the inspection. Further works or remedial works will be referred to a Licensed Electrician.
This service is only available to be included as an additional service to the Combined Services for Buying and Selling.


What is included in the Asbestos Identification and Awareness package?

➢ Assess the approximate age of the building. 
➢ Determine the possibility of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) being present. ➢ Indicate the areas of the home where ACM’s are located.  
➢ Record the approximate quantity of ACM’s. 
➢ Indicate the condition of the ACM’s. 
➢ Samples taken for testing to confirm suspicious fibro cement (if requested or required), can  only be taken from non-invasive locations, and with the prior agreement from the owner, if  the property is not owned by our client at the time of the inspection.  

o Additional site costs may be incurred if the inspector is required to return to site to  take samples.  
o Sample testing is additional service. The samples are sent to a laboratory legally  accepted test results are issued by a NATA accredited laboratory. 

➢ Consultation report is provided for this service.  

This service is provided to assist in determining asbestos, location, condition, and square meter of  the ACM’s. 

How will Glasgow assist me with my buying needs?

Glasgow Building Inspections are Registered as Building Surveyors, Commercial and Residential Building Inspectors and Timber Pest Inspector, therefore, what type of inspection do you require?

Glasgow 300 Combined Building and Timber Pest Inspections are second-to-none. Identifying major defects and registered to report on Major Structural Defects, conditions conducive to structural damage for example: timber roof frame defects, damaged building elements; evidence of mould, lack of ventilation to the subfloor space, rodents inhabiting the roof space; cracking in the internal plasterboard lining and external cladding. Anything that may cause you cost or concern; for example: Unlawful Building Works, when a Building Permit is required, Building compliance, drainage, roof plumbing, pool safety and much more…

Knowing more about the property you’re deciding to purchase will assist you in determining a dollar figure for remedial or rectification works, giving you the power of negotiation. Saving our clients money, stress and time for a decade! That’s Glasgow, your number one Inspector for 2023!


Are Glasgow’s Verbal Reports cheaper?

Yes, verbal reports are cheaper. You can join our Registered Inspector on site and get all the required information then and there or our inspector can phone you with the results of the inspection. As this is not a professional written report, it is a cheaper option. However, any major defects will be provided in written format and a fee associated will be incurred.


Do Glasgow Building Inspections provide Timber Pest Inspections?

Yes, Glasgow’s Timber Pest Inspector can provide advice and report on Timber Pest damage, issues  that can cause for attraction to the home, remedial advice. Includes, mould, rot, decay, drainage,  wood piles, trees, tree roots, stumps, site conditions. 


Is it cheaper to book the Combined Service rather than individual Building and Timber Pest Inspections?

Yes, it is. If you require both building and timber pest inspections, then book a combined inspection,  as each individually will be more expensive. Glasgow will provide you with all the information you  require about your chosen property. 

The inspections are independent, and the technical knowledge, requirements, experience and  licensing are different, however, the combination of the information provided by Glasgow on both  the building and timber are complimentary and complete.  

You are welcome to join our qualified inspectors on site, alternatively; we phone you at the end of  the day with a run down on your results.


Are Glasgow Building Inspections, Registered and Insured?

Yes, Glasgow Building Inspections are Registered and Insured Building Surveyors and Commercial  and Residential Building Inspectors with the Victorian Building Authority (VAB). Timber Pest  Inspector with the Department of Health (DOH). 

You can visit the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Website, (Registered Practitioners Governing  body), to check any Registered Practitioners Registrations. Also, we have our I.D. Cards available  upon request. www.vba.vic.gov.au Find a Practitioner Tab, select Builder or Plumber.  

Go with the best, choose Glasgow Building Inspections for your Peace of Mind. That’s Glasgow! The  people’s choice for best inspector 2023! That’s Glasgow, your local Registered Team! 


Why do the prices from other ‘Building Inspectors’ vary in the industry?

Prices for Building Inspection Services can vary, depending on the quality of the Inspection and  Report. Also depending on what service, you require. Glasgow provides all types of Building  Inspections, both commercial and residential.  

Glasgow are Registered Practitioners, and our prices and services are second-to-none. There are  some people who are not registered trying their hand at inspections, however; the level of  knowledge and experience of Glasgow verse the ‘others’ confirms that Glasgow is second-to-none  and of course, supported by our community voting Glasgow No1 best inspector 2023!

Glasgow Building Inspections Reports are comprehensive and include photos of the identified  defects, referencing to support our findings and advice. Glasgow also identifies unlawful building  works and when an Owner Builder Report is required, Certificates of Compliance, and much more, to  ensure you, our clients have ALL the information possible about your chosen property.  

You are also welcome to join our Registered Inspectors on site and ask any questions you may have  about your chosen property. 

The customer care and attention given by Glasgow Building Inspections starts the moment we  interact. That’s Glasgow! Servicing Gippsland for a decade and now No1 Inspector 2023!  

Book your Inspections with Glasgow Building Inspections today, and find out what the buzz is all  about!


What is a Dilapidation Report? 

These Reports are required to record the current condition of a structure, road, associated footpaths,  curbs and channels and homes prior to impact works commencing. 

The damaged identified is recorded in the Report with attached photos to support the findings. 

Our Dilapidation Reports are thorough and support the current conditions, therefore; reducing your  liability associated with any future damage or defects. 

You can engage Glasgow to carry out these Reports for both Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Civil and  Domestic Building Works. 

The Dilapidation Report can be utilised during large projects, earthworks and construction of any  building or structure. 

Contact our friendly team and find out how we can help you?  


How many types of inspections does Glasgow offer?

Around forty-four (44) Glasgow provides all types of inspections and reporting, depending on your  requirements and needs. Glasgow works for you! That’s Glasgow! Your local Registered Team. 

Glasgow provides Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail building inspections. Have a look  through our website for what service you require or contact direct on  

info@glasgowbuildinginspections.com.au . 

Glasgow has no limitations to what we can inspect and report on. Glasgow are Commercial Building  Inspectors. That’s Glasgow, servicing Gippsland for a decade.


When do I need an Owner Builder 137b Defects Report?

Short answer, all the time. If you have carried out any works on the land or home within the last 7  years and are selling your home, you may be required to provide the purchases with an Owner  Builder 137b Defects Report.  

The Owner should provide the purchaser with an Owner Builder 137b Defects Report on any works  carried out on the land or home, including but not limited to Outbuildings, Renovations, Additions,  Extensions, Home, Wall Removal, Tiling, Windows, Cosmetic works etc. 

If the works required a Building Permit and the Owner obtained a Building Permit, then the liability is  6 years & 6 months as of the Final Certificate date. 

If a Building Permit was not obtained and was required, then the liability is 7 years as of the date of  completion.  

If the works did not require a Building Permit, then the liability is 6 years and 6 months as of the date  of completion.  

An Owner Builder 137b Defects Report is only required if the works were NOT carried out by a  Registered Practitioner Builder/Plumber.  

Refer Building Act 1993 Section 137b Owner Builder Defects Reports. 


What are your opening hours?

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm 
Saturday – Closed 
Sunday – Closed. 
Public Holidays – Closed 
Outside contact email info@glasgowbuildinginspections.com.au or booking/contact forms.

More than just inspections, We’re here to help you!
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*Phone consultations will incur charges. After assessing your enquiry, we will provide an estimate of the required duration and supply you with a quotation for the billable time.
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*Phone consultations will incur charges. After assessing your enquiry, we will provide an estimate of the required duration and supply you with a quotation for the billable time.